Freezer Sandwich Panel



Conservation | Our goal is the preservation of your products

Large scale cold storages and demands for longer life span products have led to the development of a new line of insulating panels in both PUR and PIR foams through our Stop-Fire range.

Energy | Cold is Energy

If the ice in the photo was to melt, a huge amount of energy would be lost forever. The great attractiveness of our materials is that they preserve the cold using a smaller amount of energy.


Safety | Minimize potential hazards in your facility

New PIR Foam generation, meeting SBI test requirements while maintaining optimal mechanical and insulating panel properties, are the best possible guarantee regarding safety.

Sustainability | Contribution to environmental sustainability

Metalpanel materials used as building elements in the Refrigeration Industry, reduce the impact of fossil fuels in the atmosphere, promoting environmentally sustainable cold storage buildings. In addition, the eco-panel foams we manufacture do not cause damage to the ozone layer (Zero ODP).

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