Hierros y Transformados

Hierros y Transformados SA was founded in 1985, guiding its activity towards the diversification of high-quality self-made products, through constant Innovations and investments in the technology of qualified production processes. As a consequence of these and at present, Hierros y Transformados SA is a leading company with a strong presence in the sector of manufacturing and forming open and closed metal profiles.

The production processes have been implemented successively, as the structure and resources of the company allowed it to occupy an important place in the sector.

At Hierros y Transformados we have 2 floors, a plant with 41,500 m2, located in Quintanar de la Orden, in the province of Toledo, in which the manufacture of all our products is carried out. In Fuenlabrada, Madrid, we have a storage and production warehouse with 1,600 m2 in which, in addition to manufacturing HT-30 and Omega, we manage part of our commercial work


Metalpanel was established in 1998, as a result of the vertical integration of its parent company Hierros y Transformados SA, with the aim of providing new added value in its transformation operations by manufacturing sandwich panels with thermal insulation and all their accessories.

Metalpanel has always maintained a stable and growing trajectory, with a successful investment policy adapted to meet the continuous new needs which the insulation sector has been demanding. This orderly growth strategy has been based on 3 strengths:

  • Vertical Integration with Hierros y Transformados, with privileged access to steel derivatives, a consequence of a global positioning in the supply of raw materials.
  • Technological investment sustained over time. Inauguration in 2009 of a new industrial complex which brings together the two companies in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo). And with an installed production capacity which exceeds 6,000,000 m2/year.
  • The design of new products and diversification into new markets.


“Transforming steel and providing insulation solutions from our production centres with a high technological level and the highest quality, providing flexibility and efficiency to the needs of our customers in global markets.

Our Vision and Business Idea

People: Turning our work centres into a place of business excellence, with a highly qualified team and a great professional and personal development, where they are always proud to work.

Product: Making sure, through R&D&I, that our products are the benchmark of quality, contributing to sustainability and being a faithful image of our brand.

Customers and Suppliers: We offer diversification and integration of steel transformation processes. Our goal is to be the example of quality, strength and continuous improvement for our customers and suppliers globally.

Our Values

Do you share our values?

Throughout the years H&T-Metalpanel has been establishing a series of values which condition our way of working in all our teams and which govern the company’s policies.

Flexibility: We adapt to markets, times and people in an agile way, always looking for high-quality solutions for our clients and with a team aligned with the organisation, the vision and with a great capacity to accept and adapt to the constant changes.

Efficiency: We work to achieve our objectives in the shortest possible time and with a rational and effective use of all our resources.

TeamworkOur good practices are based on generosity, involvement, trust, commitment and humility to build our team spirit.

CommunicationWe work so that every day, communication causes a greater rapprochement between the managers and the teams and so that it has a bi-directional approach, transmitting the information and practicing active listening.

Integrity: We give our best every day, establishing solid relationships based on solidarity and generosity towards all our collaborators.

Pride of Belonging: Our best asset is our talent, so we work to promote measures so that they feel happy developing their work, feeling that their work is appreciated and that they are an indispensable part of the success of the organisation.

Human Team / Organization

Adrian Navarro

Managing Director of the Hierros y Transformados | Metalpanel

Jose Manuel Montoya


Gustavo Garrido

Commercial Director Hierros y Transformados

Jose Huertas

Commercial Director Metalpanel

Martín Morales

Purchasing Manager

Juan Esteban Sánchez

Export Director

Jose Francisco Rubio

Factory Manager Hierros y Transformados

Austión Tirado

Factory Manager Metalpanel

Beatriz Castro

HR Director

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